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"What gives power its hold, what makes it accepted, is quite simply the fact that it does not weigh like a force, which says no, but that it runs through, and produces, things, it induces pleasures, it forms knowledge, it produces discourses; it must be considered as a productive network which runs through the entire social body much more than as a negative instance whose function is repression."
— Michel Foucault, Power, Truth, Strategy (via tothebatfax)

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"What then is truth? A movable host of metaphors, metonymies, and; anthropomorphisms: in short, a sum of human relations which have been poetically and rhetorically intensified, transferred, and embellished, and which, after long usage, seem to a people to be fixed, canonical, and binding. Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions- they are metaphors that have become worn out and have been drained of sensuous force, coins which have lost their embossing and are now considered as metal and no longer as coins."
— Nietzsche, “On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense” (via queertheoryissexy)

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"The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you"
— Neil deGrasse Tyson (via heylauren)

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everyone who likes coconut water is lying

false coconut water is delicious, with or without pineapple juice and rum 


Okay but Never Gonna Give You Up (better known as Rickroll) is actually a really really horrible song for many reasons, which I will better explain under the cut. 

Brace yourselves, this is pretty long.

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